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FAQ Pt. 2

Frequently Asked Questions Pt. 1

See photos of pigeon spikes installed. Ask us a question - 2hr response
1 Q What’s the best way to “stop a pigeon, keep pigeons out, keep pigeons off and/or keep pigeons away from my property?

Firstly, killing pigeons is only a very short term solution; many studies have shown that the culled pigeons will usually be replaced within months if not weeks. The best solution is usually “roost modification” (doing something to a surface so that the problem pigeons no longer want to roost on it).
In our opinion one of the best forms of “roost modification” is the installation of pigeon anti roosting spikes creating a physical barrier which will prevent pigeon pests from returning.

2 Q How do I order online and what happens if I make a mistake?
  A Simply click here to view our How To Buy page – here you will find information on how to buy, our cancellations and returns policy and information such as what types of credit cards we accept for orders
3 Q Do you really deliver next working day?
  A Yes, we manufacture the spikes at our Devon based unit. We always keep large stock levels so that, providing you place your order before 3pm, we will deliver next working day to all UK destinations.
4 Q Do you have a “bird scarer” brochure?
  A Yes, click here to contact us with your postal address and we’ll send one straight out to you. The pack will also contain our free “how to install” instructional CD .
5 Q I want to deter a pigeon from one window sill, will installing spikes on a single sill be enough to scare the pigeon away from my property?
  A Unlikely, this nuisance pigeon is likely to move to the nearest available ledge, probably another window or pipe.
6 Q What is the best way to contact you with a pigeon pests question or to place an order?

If you know what you want you can click here to order via our secure Internet system.

You can also email us your “repel pigeon” question by clicking here.

We will always answer you within 2 hours Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. Why not test us; if we miss the deadline we’ll send you a large bar of chocolate.

7 Q How easy is it to install a Pigeonoff™ Bird spike?
  A Very easy, each order comes with a wonderfully simple installation guide and “how to install” instructional CD. If you can use a ladder to clean a window then you'll be able to install the spike strips. If you're not confident with a ladder you do not necessarily need a pigeon pest control expert; simply show the installation guide to a local window cleaner or handyman, providing you supply the spikes they'll be more than willing to install them for a few pounds.
8 Q Which product is best to control pigeons, the plastic or steel spikes?
  A Both the plastic bird spike and the stainless steel bird spike will remove pigeons just as well as each other. The only difference being that the stainless steel spike is slightly less visible.
9 Q I’m not sure how big a pigeon problem I have. All I can see is a build up of pigeon droppings on the floor?
  A Look up at the building above. If you do this at dusk you will be able to see all the nuisance pigeons on the various ledges that will require pigeon repellent spikes.
Q Pigeon Pest Control, is it legal and does the actual bird spike injure the bird?
  A Fixing a bird spike to your property is perfectly legal and humane way of deterring pigeons; in fact the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) recommends spikes as a solution to an unwanted pest pigeon on a property ledge. The spikes do not hurt the birds they simply stop pigeons landing.
Q How are the spikes sold, what lengths are they?

Spikes can be purchased online.

Each strip of spikes is appro0x 1/3 of a metre (1 foot). We sell it in multiples of a metre so if you order 1 metre you’ll receive 3 pieces. Order 5 metres and you’ll receive 15 pieces. Each row of spikes will remove pigeons from a ledge depth of up to 200mm wide (8 inches). If the ledge is wider you’ll need 2 or more rows.

Q Do you sell bird netting?
  A No, we do not sell bird netting. We only manufacture and distribute bird anti roosting spikes. Installing netting is a very complicated process compared to installing spikes which is very easy and does not involve drilling.
What does Bird Proofing and Pigeon Proofing mean?
  A The pest control industry uses the term bird proof to mean the installation of mechanical systems to prevent a pest bird or pigeon from roosting.
Q Do pigeon spikes act solely as a deterrent against pigeon pests or will they work against seagulls?
  A When dealing with seagull control you will need to use seagull spikes. Seagull spikes have longer wires and are a much better form of seagull deterrent. These are available from our sister company – Click here to visit
Q I can’t see the answer to my question, what can I do?
  A We would love you to contact us by email. We guarantee to answer you within 2 hours (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm) Test us; if we miss the 2 hour deadline we’ll send you a large bar of chocolate.
FAQ Pt. 2
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