Types of Tattoo

If you are thinking about collecting tattoo art it is worth knowing that there are many different types to pick from. It is important, if you are not sure where to start, to view as many styles as you possibly can and see what piques your interest before seriously planning the next steps.
The list is comprehensive, but here are the main ones.
1. Old school tattoos
There exists a huge body of work available in this style. In the days when tattoo fans consisted mainly of outlaw bike gangs and travelling sailors, typical designs were anchors, boats, motorbikes, pin-up girls, swallows, daggers, hearts etc. A lot of these designs would also incorporate some type of scrolling with script inside, usually as a sign of allegiance to a gang, relative or military unit.
Whilst definitely old-fashioned in look and body placement this style has come back to the forefront recently and become popular again.
2. Tribal tattoos
Many say this can be the origin of tattooing. Ancient tribes tattooed their tribal members with various forms of crude imagery using basic tattoo equipment harvested from the environment. Images are usually bold with thick line work harking back to a time when up-to-date needle technology simply wasn’t available. Colours are limited, black is most predominant. The designs can either be stand-alone pieces, bands that wrap around your limbs, or complex patterns that can spread all over the body.
3. Japanese tattoos
Like their vibrant culture, Japanese tattoos are symbolic with colour, fine intricate work and mythical creatures. Dragons are a favourite, as are fish and flowers. These kinds of tattoo are very heavy on the eye with a whole lot going on in the detail. Suffice to state, they lend themselves well to larger designs, specifically full back pieces and sleeves.
4. Tattoos with meaning
Various kinds of tattoo now are manufactured with a message within them. Some want their children’s names tattooed to remind them everyday of their loved ones, others want their mothers portrait to remember them if they have offered. Regardless of the meaning of the tattoo, the beauty is that any style can be incorporated to represent it, be it a vintage school tattoo, a tribal motif or perhaps a Japanese symbol.
Biomechanical Tattoo
5. Biomechanical tattoos
If you are uncertain what these kinds of tattoo are, think about what it would appear to be if someone ripped a few of your skin off to reveal your insides. We call them “biomechanical” tattoos because so many collectors would rather have their insides rendered as robotic machinery, Terminator style! These designs work well as large pieces, such as sleeves, so as to compliment to accuracy and detail required in the artwork.